Day 242

10 most significant events in your life

  1. Being born.
  2. Parents splitting up causing me to move to another state.
  3. Failing school in Iowa which caused me moving back to California getting my acted together…I am now proudly repping a 3.5+ and continuing my goal to be an astrophysicist.
  4. Being closer to my brother now that he has straightened out his life.
  5. My other brother calling my dad that one night instead of hanging himself
  6. Watching the history / discovery channel which lit the flame for what I want to pursue in life.
  7. Getting a job which is something to be thankful for at this time but also because it has brought many people into my life that I will never forget.
  8. Earning my drivers license.
  9. My first warped tour.
  10. Probably going to be my death which hasn’t happened yet but I couldn’t really think of a tenth event.